Over the last 20 years, CUWA has made significant investments in technical studies and efforts that have been documented in nearly 50 publications. Topics range from water conservation and drought management strategies, to water quality and water management.

2016DecemberFY 2016 CUWA Annual ReportCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.6MB)
2015OctoberFY 2015 CUWA Annual ReportCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.4MB)
2014SeptemberFY 2014 CUWA Annual ReportCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.4MB)
2013OctoberFY 2013 CUWA Annual ReportCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.2MB)
2012AugustFY 2012 CUWA Annual ReportCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.2MB)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2017MarchWater Affordability Policy PrinciplesCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (127kb)
2016NovemberOne Water Policy PrinciplesCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (53kb)
2014OctoberWater-Energy (joint with CMUA)California Urban Water Agencies pdf (119kb)
2013OctoberClimate Change Policy Principles California Urban Water Agencies pdf (81kb)
2013JulyWater ReuseCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (94kb)
2013AprilCap and Trade Investment Plan (joint with CMUA)California Urban Water Agencies pdf (94kb)
2013MarchReliable Water Financing (updated joint with CMUA)California Urban Water Agencies pdf (94kb)
2012DecemberWater Supply ReliabilityCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (94kb)
2012AprilWater Quality Policy PrinciplesCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (94kb)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2014JuneCUWA Water Reuse Update Press ReleaseCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (25kb)
2012SeptemberCalifornia Water Plan Update 2013 Plenary Session Press ReleaseCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (37kb)
2012SeptemberCUWA White Paper on the Future Reliability of California’s Urban Water SuppliesCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (22kb)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2015JanuaryCUWA-CMUA Water-Energy Fact SheetCalifornia Urban Water Agencies and California Municipal Utilities Association pdf (521kb)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2003JuneDraft Report of Review of Disinfection Technologies ReportMalcolm Pirnie, Inc.; WQTS pdf (2.4MB)
1998JuneBay-Delta Water Quality Evaluation - Draft Final ReportMalcolm Pirnie, Inc., Camp, Dresser and McKee, University of Cincinnati pdf (6.8MB)
1995 JuneStrategies for Removing Bromate from Drinking WaterUniversity of Colorado at Boulder pdf (2.6MB)
1995MayStudy of Drinking Water Quality in Delta TributariesBrown and Caldwell, Archibald & Wallberg Consultants, Marvin Jung & Associates, McGuire Environmental Consultants pdf (827kb)
1994MarchWater Quality Changes In Conveyance and Storage--A Study of Water Quality Changes in the State Water ProjectCommins Consulting pdf (2.1MB)
1989MayDelta Drinking Water Quality StudyBrown and Caldwell pdf (15.7MB)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2013AugustCUWA Fact Sheet: Investing In Reliable Water ServiceCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (828kb)
2012SeptemberReliable Water Financing — CUWA’s Public Investment White Paper PresentationCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (524kb)
2012MayPublic Investment White Paper — Phase 2California Urban Water Agencies pdf (160kb)
2011OctoberPublic Investment White PaperCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (341kb)
2010JuneTechnical Memorandum on Recommended Methodology for Estimating Employment Impacts of Water Related Infrastructure ProjectsBerkeley Economic Consulting (Mark Berkman, David Sundling, and Michelle Tran) pdf (340kb)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2017OctoberAdvancing Water Supply Reliability (1) fact sheet and (2) supplemental dataCalifornia Urban Water Agencies 1. pdf (874kb)
2. pdf (146kb)
2017MarchTackling California’s Water Accessibility and Affordability IssuesCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.3MB)
2016NovemberThe Potential for Urban Stormwater as a Water SupplyCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.7 MB)
2016SeptemberCUWA’s Positions on the State’s Development of a Long-Term Water Use Efficiency FrameworkCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (116kb)
2016AprilEnhancing Confidence in Potable Reuse with a New Operator Training and Certification Framework — Fact SheetCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (177kb)
2016FebruaryPotable Reuse Operator Training and Certification Framework — White PaperCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (2MB)
2015SeptemberProviding for California’s Water Supply Reliability and Affordability — Fact SheetCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (176kb)
2015FebruaryCUWA Conservation and Water Use Fact SheetCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.7MB)
2014MarchMeeting California’s Water Needs—Water Reuse UpdateCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.2MB)
2012AugustCalifornia Urban Water Agencies’ Water Supply Reliability ReportCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (941kb)
1996 Drought Management Policies and Economic Effects in Urban Areas of California, 1987-1992RAND pdf (4MB)
1995AprilThe Effect of Urban Water Supply Reductions During the 1987-92 California DroughtDixon, Moore, Pint pdf (2.5MB)
1994AugustThe Value of Water Supply Reliability: Results of a Contingent Valuation Survey of Residential CustomersBarakat & Chamberlin, Inc pdf (1.3MB)
1993AugustWater Reliability Analysis and Planning (WRAP)Barakat & Chamberlin, Inc pdf (5.1MB)
1993MarchUsing Farm Programs to Promote Water Management GoalsBioSystems Analysis, Inc pdf (3.2MB)
1992JanuaryWater Supply Reliability in California: How Much Do We Have? How Much Do We Need? - Phase 1Barakat & Chamberlin, Inc pdf (1.3MB)
1991NovemberCost of Industrial Water ShortagesSpectrum Economics, Inc pdf (7.4MB)
1991JuneCUWA Survey of 1991 Drought Management Measures pdf (193kb)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2008DecemberUrban Water Conservation AccomplishmentsCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (3.3MB)
2007JuneStatewide Marketing Survey: Landscape Water Use EfficiencyCalifornia Urban Water Conservation Council pdf (385kb)
2004SeptemberUrban Water Conservation Implementation Challenges and OpportunitiesA & N Technical Services, Inc pdf (373kb)
2004AugustReview Pacific Institute Report Waste Not, Want NotA & N Technical Services, Inc pdf (295kb)
2004JulyUrban Water Conservation Potential: 2003 Technical UpdateA & N Technical Services, Inc pdf (1MB)
2001AugustCalifornia Urban Water Agencies Urban Water Conservation PotentialGary Fiske & Associates, M.Cubed, Economic Insights pdf (7.6MB)
2001MarchWater Efficient Landscape Ordinance (AB325): A Statewide Implementation ReviewWestern Policy Research, Perry and Associates Collaborative pdf (1.3MB)
1999AprilWater Use Efficiency in Urban CaliforniaCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (5.3MB)
1997JulyCalifornia Urban Water Agencies BMP Performance EvaluationDavid L. Mitchell, M.Cubed and Wendy Illingworth, Foster Associates, Inc pdf (8.6MB)
1997JunePerformance Standards for Demonstrating Urban Water ConservationThomas W. Chesnutt pdf (483kb)
1996FebruaryAnnotated Bibliography of Water ConservationPlanning and Management Consultants, IncCall for a copy
1995DecemberWillingness to Pay for Household Water Savings Technology in Two California Service AreasUniversity of California, Los Angeles pdf (1.6MB)
1994JuneLong-Term Water Conservation and Shortage Management Practices; Planning That Included Demand HardeningTabors Caramanis and Associates pdf (2.3MB)
1994FebruaryUltra-Low Flush Toilets in Commercial InstallationsA & N Technical Services, Inc pdf (4.4MB)
1994FebruaryGuide To: Customer Incentives For Water ConservationBarakat & Chamberlin, Inc pdf (8MB)
1993 Assessment of the Economic Impacts of California's Drought on Urban Areas: A Research AgendaMoore, Pint, Dixon. RAND pdf (1.6MB)
1992MayCUWA Survey of 1992 Demand Management Measures pdf (537kb)
1992FebruaryEvaluation of Urban Water Conservation Programs: A Procedures ManualPlanning and Management Consultants, Ltd pdf (11.1MB)
1991JuneCUWA Survey of 1991 Drought Management MeasuresCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (193kb)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2009Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Management Strategy Guidelines for Water UtilitiesWater Research Foundation pdf (864kb)
2007DecemberClimate Change and Urban Water Resources: Investing for ReliabilityCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (2.9MB)
1999DecemberRecommended Salinity Targets and Program Actions for the CALFED Water Quality Program pdf (5.7MB)
1999JulyA Trial Experiment on Studying Short-Term Water Quality Changes in Flooded Peat Soil EnvironmentsMarvin Jung and Associates, Inc pdf (11.9MB)
1998SeptemberUrban Water Recycling Feasibility Assessment GuidebookBookman-Edmonston Engineering, Inc pdf (14.8MB)
1991JulyReview of Reliability Planning Programs of Electric Utility AgenciesSpectrum Economics Inc pdf (2.5MB)
1991JulyDesalination For Urban Water SupplyBoyle Engineering Corporation pdf (1.5MB)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2013NovemberResolution No. R5-2013-0098 Amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River Basins to Establish a Drinking Water Policy for Surface Waters of the Delta and its Upstream Tributaries California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region pdf (200kb)
2004JuneIntegrated Modeling Framework (IMF) User’s Guide: Understanding and Running the Winter-Run Chinook Salmon IMF Model (version 1.2)S.P. Cramer & Associates, Inc. pdf (2.5MB)
2004JuneResponses to Interagency Project Work Team Comments on the Integrated Modeling Framework for Winter-Run ChinookS.P. Cramer & Associates, Inc. pdf (713kb)
2003NovemberAcoustic Tracking Technology and Potential Applications for Salmonid Research within the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin DeltaDoug Demko, Alan Olson, Michele Simpson, Gabriel Kopp, and Dudley Reiser pdf (872kb)
2001JulyChinook Salmon Fry Outmigrant Pilot Study, Mokelumne River, California, Phase IEntrix, Inc. pdf (4.3MB)
2000MayBay-Delta Accord Category III Ecosystem Restoration ProjectsCalifornia Urban Water Agencies pdf (1.9MB)
1999OctoberChronic Toxicity of Sacramento River Watershed Samples to Larval Fathead MinnowsAQUA-Science pdf (897kb)
1997NovemberStatistical Model for Survival of Chinook Salmon Smolts Outmigrating through the Lower Sacramento-San Joaquin SystemKen Newman and John Rice pdf (2.3MB)
1997OctoberComparative 7-Day Toxicity of Sacramento River Water to Larval Fathead Minnows and Larval Chinook SalmonAQUA-Science pdf (1.8MB)
1997OctoberAnalysis of the Striped Bass Population of the San Francisco Estuary: Effects of Freshwater Flow Mitigated by Density-dependent MortalityW. J. Kimmerer, J. H. Cowan Jr., L. W. Miller and K. A. Rose pdf (2MB)
1997SeptemberAquatic Toxicity and Pesticides in Surface Waters of the Central Valley pdf (15MB)
1997JanuaryThe Status of Late-Fall and Spring Chinook in the Sacramento River Basin Regarding the Endangered Species ActSteven P. Cramer and Douglas B. Demko pdf (5.9MB)
1994AugustSetting Goals for Salmon Smolt Survival in the Delta and Discussions on the Proposed EPA Salinity StandardBioSystems Analysis Inc pdf (1MB)
1993MayThe DeltaB.J. Miller, Ph.D., Consulting Engineer pdf (4.9MB)